Almost a quarter of a century of experience

Founded in 1997, Koneser began as a distributor of tobacco products in Poland’s Mazowieckie province with just a single liquor store to its name. Today, through innovation, bold decisions and exemplary customer care, the company has acquired extensive experience and can boast 14 liquor stores in and around Warsaw. We are a national liquor wholesaler, supplying alcohol to every corner of Poland. Koneser works with Poland’s largest goods manufacturers and distributors, facilitating access to a large group of satisfied customers.

Koneser specialises in the distribution of beer, water and drinks. Recently we have devoted a lot of effort to expanding our strong alcohols segment. In order to ensure the best possible quality of the products we supply, our distribution system entails deliveries directly to the customer. A fleet of 12 modern lorries and their experienced drivers make sure cargoes reach their destinations on time, each and every day.

A modern 1200 m2 warehouse provides the facilities necessary to efficiently handle orders and maintain the highest level of customer service. Koneser’s gradual and sustainable growth is driven by the daily efforts of its nearly 60 strong staff.


To continually enhance resource engagement and business processes optimisation levels in order to improve Koneser’s efficiency, fuelling better performance, increased market share and reach.

Koneser’s rapid growth is fuelling the expansion of both domestic and international markets. Currently, most foreign clients are concentrated in West Europe.

Koneser’s most valuable asset are its employees – reliable and full of potential. Each and every day the management strives to strengthen and consolidate our professional teams, always ready to take on new challenges and fully commit to innovative undertakings.

Enhancing the market position of its customers. An individual approach to each business relationship. Quotes tailored to meet the expectations of even the most discerning customers.

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What sets us apart

  • Only tried and tested suppliers
  • Extensive experience
  • 100% Polish capital
  • Excellent logistics facilities
  • Competitive prices
  • In-house transport
  • Efficient distribution
  • Professional sales team
  • Highest work standards
  • Personal approach to every customer