Our forvarding

Perfection on every level of cooperation

Striving to ensure the highest quality of service also in the supply of ordered products cause that Koneser constantly invests in the development of its own forvarding.

At present, Koneser disponses a modern fleet of 12 trucks of renowned brands like: MAN, DAF, Renault Premium headed by a qualified team of drivers who evert day take care of timely delivery of orders to customers.
Koneser systematically modernizes its vehicles, introduces new management systems, implements the latest technologies together with a professional team that is the foundation of the company. This way the company cares about the safety of transported orders in the highest way.

Distribution is carried out in the sales system with direct delivery to the customer. Koneser covers the domestic nad and international markets. Currently most foreign clients are concentrated in West Europe. The range of target markets is expanding constantly. The company guarantees regular deliveries to retail outlets from its own warehouses, as well as the safety and quality of the transported products. With almost 25 years of experience in the industry, he is aware that the supply chains of FMCG and retail products must be constantly optimized due to the huge emphasis on price competitiveness in this dynamic industry.

What sets our forvarding apart?

  • 12 modern trucks. 
  • The vehicles meet European safety standards and are subject of rigorous technical inspections.
  • The vehicles are equipped with GPS systems, allowing for ongoing communication with the logistics department, because of it is known at all the times where exactly the customer’s order is located.
  • All vehicles are equipped with the latest technologies that increase the safety of drivers, and affect the safety of cargo and facilitate on-time deliveries.
  • Guarantee of fast and flexible delivery.